Our achievements…

Tamar NRM, with continued support from City of Launceston, West Tamar and George Town Councils as well as our success with grants, continues to assist community groups and individuals within the Tamar Region with on-ground activities, awareness raising and knowledge sharing and networking related to biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture and sustainable living.

Some Acheivements  from 2017 & 18 Include:

  • 2018 Tamar Sustainable Living Expo After the success of the Sustainable Energy Expo in 2017 we broadened it out to encompass sustainable living. With over 1500 people attending the Expo and satellite events, 35 stalls, 4 workshop and presentation areas we consider the event another success. Plans are in motion to make it a regular event.
  • Completion of the Tamar Valley Rural Biodiversity and Landscape Learning Project funded by a $100,000 grant under the National Landcare Programme. Between 2015 and 2018 we planted 20,359 native seedlings on 35.1 hectares of land with more than 1,300 people and direct seeded 25 hectares in the Tamar region. We worked with 9 community groups, 15 schools and the University of Tasmania.
  • Annual Ragwort Raid – We are up to 19 years of running our Annual Ragwort Raid, with volunteers reducing the extent and spread of Ragwort in the region. The last 4 years have been supported by funding from RACT. The event usually attracts more than 50 volunteers from East Tamar Landcare, West Tamar Landcare, Lilydale Landcare, volunteer fire brigades, the three councils and the general public. Hundreds of volunteers hours are contributed and between 600-850km of roas in Launceston, West Tamar and George Town municipalities are cleared.
  • Annual Boneseed Blitz – In 2018 we held a Boneseed Blitz on September 20th throughout the region and with Low Head Landcare on the 22nd September. We estimate over 40 people volunteered on those two days clearing Boneseed from roadsides and regional reserves. In 2017  we partnered with 50 Boags Brewery staff and Landcare Tasmania to remove a large infestation of Boneseed from a 6 hectare reserve in Beaconsfield. The Tamar NRM Green Army team assisted with follow-up as well as a Boneseed Blitz of their own in the Tamar forshore in Swan Bay.
  • Backyards to Broadacres 10 Sustainable Agriculture workshop program funded by a $37,590 grant from the National Llandcare Programme, Sustainable Agriculture Small Grants Round. Topics included soil improvement techniques, pastures through the seasons, trees on farms, biochar, dung beetles and worms and much more.
  • Tamar Community Fire Resilience Project funded by $28,700 grant from the Australian Government and administered by the Tasmanian State Government. Workshops on fire and biodiversity, property preparedness and fire planning on covenanted property were held in partnership with Tas Fire Service Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods, Parks and Wildlife, Department of Defence and Tasmanian Land Conservancy.
  • 2017 Sustainable Energy Expo – Over 1000 people attended our Sustainable Energy Expo held in Albert Hall with 22 stall holders and a wide range of speakers. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive from both the public and stall holders.
  • Facilitation of the completion of the latest George Town Coastal Management Action Plan update, launched in February by Minister Groom. Coastal community groups, agencies, council and Tamar NRM came together to update the plan driven by the group’s philosophy that their actions should be strategic, based on sound science and research and focused on local and regional priorities.
  • Tamar Works Teams (Work for the Dole and Green Army) undertook weeding, track maintenance, planting erosion control and rubbish removal works throughout the Tamar and Meander Valleys.