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Sustainable Living Festival Saturday October 9th

Where: Windsor Precinct, Riverside

Tamar NRM are excited to bring you a festival of inspiration,
innovation and conversation.

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Enquiries: 0412240190

Sustainable Living Festival:

Business Awards:

Capability, Suitability and Sustainability – Small Farm Roadmap

If you own a small holding in the Tamar Valley and aren’t sure what to do with the land, or would like advice on what the land might be suitable for, this event is right for you.

Rob Moreton from the Department of Primary Industries will explore land capability in the Tamar Valley, including soil, geology, climate and what physical resources are important for sustainable land use.

He will then explore Land Suitability – which land is best for which type of farming enterprise. He will demonstrate The LIST – the government on-line mapping tool which is an invaluable resource for land holders.

Lauren Bird from NRM North will explain Property Management Planning and demonstrate NRM North’s tools for effective property planning.

Annette Reed, owner of the Tasmanian Natural Tomato and Garlic Farm, will discuss the human side of owning a small property – the skills needed, the decision-making processes, the impact of family circumstances on a farming enterprise.

This is a FREE event – but bookings are essential.

When – Wednesday 17th March 2021

Time – 10am to 3pm

Lunch and refreshments provided

Location – Prospect Government Offices, 171 Westbury Road, Prospect.


email –

Office phone – 6323 3310

Or ring Nick Flittner on 0409 343 669

The benefits of carbon neutral farming in northern Tasmania Project

“The Carbon Neutral Farming project’s objective is to have more farmers involved in GHG reductions and in doing so improving the profitability, resilience of their farming operations and at the same time providing for on-farm and off-farm environmental benefits.”

Tamar NRM strives to provide projects and programs that are relevant to northern Tasmania and values your feedback.

Practice Change Landholder Survey now completed

Thanks to the producers who completed the online survey. Surveys assists us in understanding how producers are retaining carbon for on-farm and off-farm benefits.

More Information??

Tel: 6323-3310, 0438 642 112 or email:

This Project is supported by funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

CASE STUDIES & Presentations:

Northern Tasmania has many options for retaining carbon on farm where it does the greatest good.

Three Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Audited Farm Case Studies examine options for GHG reductions through mitigation and adaption.

These can be accessed via our “Reports” tab.

OR THIS LINK FOR CASE STUDIES LINK & Professor Richard Eckard’s Carbon Forum Presentation.

Video Clip Presentation from the Carbon Forum in February

Carbon Audits Presentation – Summary Isabel Axio (RMCG) 3min. 20sec.

Wicking Beds & Warm Weather Gardening Workshops

Started on your food growing journey, but wondering how to nurture your homegrown goodness through the hotter months?

Transition Tamar, in partnership with Tamar NRM and West Tamar Council, are excited to invite you along to our “Wicking Bed & Warm Weather Gardening” Workshop.

*The design and function of a wicking bed
*How to easily install shade
*Basic irrigation options
Saturday 9 January 2021 9:30 AM and Saturday 6 February 2021 9:00 AM


Windsor Community Garden
1 Windsor Drive, Riverside, TAS 7250

Bookings 6323 9200