Tamar NRM Working Groups

Working groups are an integral part of our operation.

When the need arises, groups are organised by asking community members to share their expertise to manage our natural resources, to develop project ideas and to formulate on-ground activities.

Currently Active Working Groups:

  • George Town Coastal Working Group
  • Weeds Working Group
  • Sustainable Living Working Group
  • Plastic Free Launceston
  • Tamar Valley Sustainable Agriculture and Pasture Improvement Technical Group

George Town Coastal Working Group

Chaired by Jason Orr

The philosophy of the George Town Coastal Working Group is always to be strategic. The group is guided by the George Town Coastal Management Plan, which was initially developed in 2005 and has been regularly updated (latest review 2015/16). The committee membership and partnerships are between the communities of Bellingham, Weymouth, Lulworth, Beechford, Bell Buoy Beach, Low Head and Hillwood plus representatives of Tamar NRM, George Town Council and Parks and Wildlife.

Over the last 12 months, the GTCWG has been involved with a number of activities including coastal walks, holding meetings with 8 coastal communities to discuss their action sheets and coastal priorities.

  • George Town Coastal Community Weed Plan 2012-2022
  • Understanding Coastal Environs Amidst Change to Generate Community Action – A major focus of this project was Sea Spurge control.
GTCWG Sea Spruge workshop
GTCWG Sea Spruge workshop

Weeds Working Group

Chaired by John Thorp

The Weeds Working Group coordinates direct on ground action against prominent problem weeds in the Tamar Region. Amongst others, this includes Ragwort, Boneseed, Besom Heath, Serrated Tussock and Sea Spurge.

For example, the Tamar NRM Ragwort Raids have been conducted every year for the last 21 years. The “raids” have reduced the amounts of Ragwort from truck loads to a small ute load for each region.

2015 raid volunteers at Myrtle Park
2015 raid volunteers at Myrtle Park


Sustainable Living Working Group

Chaired by Bruce Jackson

The Tamar NRM Sustainable Living Working Group has reformed and reviewed the terms of reference. The focus of the group is on improving energy efficiency, carbon management and resource conservation in the Tamar Region. The group will work with with other groups and organisations with similar aims. Encouraging the use of renewable energy will be a strong focus in the future. The Sustainable Living Working Group is always open to suggestions on topics and projects to cover so please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas.

  • Heating your home efficiently.
  • Sustainability Movies.
  • Solar Power.
Sustainability August - Planting in the Mall
Sustainability August – Planting in the Mall

Plastic Free Launceston

Tamar NRM and Plastic Free Launceston joined forces in 2017 to become one of Tamar NRM’s new Working Groups. The Working Group looks at ways to reduce single use plastics with a focus on Launceston businesses, community groups, schools and individuals. All are welcome to PFL events, workshops and information session.

They are a key component of the Sustainable Living Expos and Festivals and run the annual “Catch it in the Catchment” Tamar Estuary/Kanamaluka  Clean up.

Plastic Free Launceston Facebook Page

New members for all four groups are always welcome – have you ever asked yourself:

  • Do you enjoy meeting new people?
  • Do you have a passion for removing weeds?
  • Do you want to help look after our natural resources?

 …then contact tamarnrm@launceston.tas.gov.au and get more information about the Working Groups.

Tamar Valley Sustainable Agriculture and Pasture Improvement Technical Group

“Increased production and profitability in the Tamar Valley through adoption of improved pastures”

Chaired by Ian Sauer

Providing technical advice to drive projects such as our our “Small Farm Roadmap” Workshop Series, our Carbon Neutral Farming project, soils health discussion group and the recently completed 3 year partnership project with Meat and Livestock Australia, the MLA Tamar Pasture Improvement Demonstration Project.

An Expression of interested form for our 2020 projects can be found on this website (link below). Complete the form, scan and email or post back to us, or call Greg on 0438 642 112 to register over the phone.

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