“The Carbon Neutral Farming project’s objective is to have more farmers involved in GHG reductions and in doing so improving the profitability, resilience of their farming operations and at the same time providing for on-farm and off-farm environmental benefits.”

Tamar NRM strives to provide projects and programs that are relevant to northern Tasmania and values your feedback.

Practice Change Landholder Survey now completed

Thanks to the producers who completed the online survey. Surveys assists us in understanding how producers are retaining carbon for on-farm and off-farm benefits.

More Information??

Tel: 6323-3310, 0438 642 112 or email: tamarnrm@launceston.tas.gov.au

This Project is supported by funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

CASE STUDIES & Presentations:

Northern Tasmania has many options for retaining carbon on farm where it does the greatest good.

Three Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Audited Farm Case Studies examine options for GHG reductions through mitigation and adaption.

These can be accessed via our “Reports” tab.

OR THIS LINK FOR CASE STUDIES LINK & Professor Richard Eckard’s Carbon Forum Presentation.

Video Clip Presentation from the Carbon Forum in February

Carbon Audits Presentation – Summary Isabel Axio (RMCG) 3min. 20sec.