Thursday 12th March, 10 am -3 pm

Beaconsfield & Hillwood



Tea and Coffee from 9.30 am

10.00    Meet at “Springmere” and welcome (Ian Sauer)

10.10    The farmer’s view (Ben Hooper)

10.15    MLA Pastures Demonstration Project and the Red Meat Component (Eric Hall)

10.30   Tour “Springmere” – See MLA Pasture demonstration paddocks (Eric Hall and landholder Ben Hooper)

11.20   Animal health and nutrition (Bruce Jackson)

12.00   Travel to “Greenhyth”

12.30    Lunch (provided)

1.00   The farmer’s view (Ed Archer)

1.20    Benefits of confinement feeding in a Tasmanian context (Jason Lynch)

1.45   Ag-projects running locally and landholder survey – Where are the knowledge gaps? (Tamar NRM – Greg Lundstrom and Jenny Craigen)

2.00   Group Discussion

2.20   Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture update and pasture trials at “Greenhyth” including a site visit (Rowan Smith TIA and Eric Hall)

3.00   Close