Eric Hall (Pastures expert and Tamar PDS Consultant)
Ian Dickenson (“Elverton” Pastoral Pty. Ltd.)
Iain Bruce (Agronomist with T.P. Jones)

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Tea and Coffee from 10am

10.30 Overview of the producer demonstration site at “Elverton” Pastoral Pty. Ltd. (Greg Lundstrom/Eric Hall)

10.45 Tour of “Elverton” – See Established Pasture species and MLA Pasture Demonstration Sites Pasture Species (Ian Dickenson, Eric Hall and Iain Bruce)

12.30 Lunch (provided)

1.00 The Agronomists view (Iain Bruce)

1.30 Discussion on the challenges and successes the site has posed (Ian Dickenson)

2.00 Group discussion/Producers’ questions (emailed prior or from the participants on the day)

3.00 Finish.


Bookings: or phone Greg Lundstrom on 6323 3310 or Mob 0438 642 112.

The Tamar Valley Pasture Demonstration Site Project with MLA presents, via demonstration, pasture species/cultivars and innovative grazing management practices, evidence that the profitability of the red meat supply chain can increase by at least 10 per cent.