Over September/October

(Dedicated Weeding Day : Thursday, 19th September, 2019 across all Tamar councils)


That pretty daisy like flower starting to bloom in your or your neighbours garden may in fact be the noxious weed Boneseed. If you have it in your garden please remove it as the birds will spread the seed elsewhere.

Boneseed is an invasive weed of national significance. It invades natural areas and out competes native plants. It can be found in disturbed bushland, housing development blocks and in coastal vegetation. It can invade the understorey of bushland and competes with native plants and reduces biodiversity. Dense infestations can be a significant fire hazard.

Help us control Boneseed in the Tamar Valley.

  • Remove Boneseed from your property
  • Organise an activity with your community group over September-October
  • Let Tamar NRM know and we will include in the Calendar of Activities
  • Attend the Tamar NRM Boneseed Blitz Days (TBA).

Tamar NRM can assist community groups with their efforts in targeting this weed. We can:

  • Promote your Boneseed Blitz working bee day
  • Supply weed treatment information
  • Supply “Dabbers” for cut & paste treatment
  • Help with identification.

Tamar NRM – Phone 6323 3310

Further information available from Tamar Valley Weeds Strategy and DPIPWE website.