What you will see:

  • Side by side pasture mixes of perennial ryegrass and white clover, tall fescue and strawberry clover, cocksfoot and red clover, plantain and red clover
  • Inspect the recent spraying outcome at the trial plots
  • Discuss variations of fodder crops (Timing and best types, including grazing fodder crops)
  • Share experiences with a broader group of northern Tasmanian famers
  • Join us to discuss the challenges the sites have posed and importantly what has worked
  • Be informed about production and persistence that time will bring

9.30am Visit Local Pasture sites :

  • Visit two farms in the Tamar Valley (“Greenhythe”, Hillwood and “Oakbank” Headland Farms at Piper’s Brook) looking at pasture establishment

1.00pm Lunch :

  • Provided (BBQ at Pipers Brook)

2.00pm-3.00 Farmer Discussion :

  • What’s your experience?
  • Hearing from the farmers present about their wins and losses.



Bookings: tamarnrm@launceston.tas.gov.au

Or phoning Greg Lundstrom on 6323 3310,

Mob 0438 642 112