Sustainable energy saving ideas for homes and business

Albert Hall

Saturday 16th September 9:30am to 4:00pm

Come talk to local business about ways to save energy and cut costs on your energy bills. Learn about sustainable building design and living. Electric cars, pellet heaters and efficient wood heating. Alternative technologies for wind, solar, heating and storage.

Exhibitors available all day for a chat or come listen to the range of speakers presenting on a wide range of topics.

$5 entry, under 18 free.

List of Exhibitors

List of Speakers

  • Showcasing sustainable energy options to reduce costs and benefit the environment
  • Presenting the benefits of sustainable building design and sustainable living
  • Showing the pathways when converting to a sustainable energy source
  • Demonstrating energy saving ideas in homes and business
  • Demonstrating technologies such as wind and solar
  • Promoting local business and local knowledge



Want to know more? Call Roger 0448 666 500 or TAMAR NRM – 6323 3310