Paterson’s Curse is a Declared Weed

IMG_1113Ever wondered what that pretty purple flower is that has begun to flower? There seems to be more of it about this year. This is an issue as Paterson’s Curse or Salvation Jane (Echium plantagineum) has the potential to become a big problem. The brightly coloured flowers might seem beautiful in your garden or as a splash across the countryside but they can significantly reduce agriculture productivity and are toxic to livestock. Paterson’s Curse can be easily spread easily on the coats of animals, by water as well as contaminated soil, feed and machinery.

The good thing is that we that the opportunity in the Tamar to keep it under control. But we need your help. If you have this weed in your garden or on your land or you seed it when out and about please remove it or report it so that we can keep the Tamar free of the “Curse”.

For more information visit the Tamar Valley Weed Strategy website or click here to read our brochure.