Tamar NRM and SCCET Draft Cat Mangement Plan Submission

Tamar NRM along with other members of the Statewide Community Cat Eradication Taskforce (SCCET) submitted a response to the Draft Cat Management Plan. A quick overview of points is below otherwise click here for the full submission.

Quick overview:

The new plan takes a big step forward from the existing Cat Management Act (2009).

Tamar NRM supports the move towards being “responsible for a cat” not just a “cat owner” with: compulsory de-sexing (at an earlier age) and microchipping of cats; confining cats to premises to prevent nuisance and roaming cats and limiting the number of cats allowed at a property (although Tamar NRM feels this number should be 2-3 not 3-5).

Arrangements supporting landholders to undertake cat management actions have been improved through: removing the “proximity to nearest residence” requirements for primary producers, managers of “prescribed land” and cat prohibited areas.

Eradication should be the ultimate goal despite the difficulties and improbabilities of this being achieved. If we don’t aim high, we will fall well short.

  • Community, volunteer and NRM groups need to be involved in all aspects of the plan. This is something the State Government states is important, but it appears to be lacking within the draft plan.
  • The language used in the performance indicators and actions is extremely vague. There needs to be measurable Key Performance Indicators and baselines in order for actions to be successful.
  • Clarity in the roles played by state and local governments, land managers, community and other key stakeholders is vital, but also, how this is going to be funded?
  • There is already a lot of research of the impacts of cats. This should not be a reason to stop action and funding to cat management activities now.