Christopher Strong Natural Resource Management Fellowship 2015 . . . . . .

The fellowship recognises the vision, passion and appreciation Christopher Strong had for the natural world. It respects and values his significant contributions to the management of our resources with his dedication and tireless contribution to Tamar Natural Resource Management.

2015 Recipients:  Lochlan Skinner & Liam Scanlan


Project: “Coastal Stability of the Weymouth area”.

Lochlan Skinner’s project built on past research work he had done on the Weymouth/Bellingham coastal region with supervisor Joanne Ellison (coastal geomorphology UTAS).

Lochlan presented his findings to the George Town Coastal Community on 7th February 2016.

Lochlan’s final report can be found at:

Lochlan Skinner, 2015 – Assessing and maintaining the coastal stability of Weymouth Beach, Tasmania

Project: “Assessing vulnerability of salt marshes to impacts of sea level rise in the Tamar Estuary, Tasmania: Report to Tamar NRM”

Liam Scanlan’s project focused on identifying areas for managed retreat of saltmarsh wetlands using sea-level rise and inundation projection maps, and also highlighting increased pressure from invasive species.

Liam’s final report can be accessed at:

Do you know someone who would qualify for a fellowship?

The Fellowship is open to any individual/school/community group undertaking a project in a Rural or Urban area.

  1. a) Rural – Improvement of sustainable agriculture through research, trials and experiments OR improvement and/or maintenance of local ecosystem(s);
  2. b) Urban – Improvement of sustainable living OR improvement and/or maintenance of local ecosystem(s).

Funding allocated for the project is up to $1,500.

(to be used for associated project costs and expenses only)


Applications will be judged on the following:

  • Must be managed and relate to the Tamar Region;
  • Must emphasise improvement in either a rural or urban area(s);
  • Must be completed within twelve months on receipt of funds.

Next Round Opens: 1st February 2016

Closes: 31st March 2016