In 2012 Tamar NRM and Youngtown Primary School once again joined forces to plant 250 native trees in Youngtown Regional Park. The students also had an opportunity to paint two sides of the Tamar NRM trailer. Our trailer is loaned to community groups to work on their own projects so it was given a much needed ‘colourful and happy face lift’.

The students were divided into two teams – A&B. Team A painted one side (photo 2) and Team B painted the other side (photo 3). Although the original design was there to copy,┬áboth teams put their own very distinctive interpretation onto the trailer sides – they were very imaginative and a lot of fun. They also planted 500 natives (photos 1 and 4).

Tamar NRM was again privileged to have this project funded by Jemena (now known as Zinfra) located in Hobart Road, Youngtown. This company has twice worked on something Tamar NRM holds dear to our hearts – the environment.

Our organisation has had the opportunity for students from Youngtown Primary School to be involved with our projects in 2010 and 2012. They have come along to our field days with enthusiasm about what they are doing – they also have young knee caps for bending and planting!

If you have time and are driving or walking past Youngtown Regional Park, go and have a look at the wonderful achievement by the students from Youngtown Primary School.

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Read the media release associated with our project:
Students Paint a Trailer and Colour their World – 26 March 2012